Our current exhibition consists of work by local artist, Chelbi Wade
​"Life and death is a continuous, inevitable circle. The concept of growth and decay are demonstrated through the understanding of life and death.

Inspired by a growing obsession with the natural world and its components, repetitive orb-like shapes are created with a variety of materials. The study of mycology and botany are instrumental throughout Wade’s creative process, and the application of these studies’ qualities and characteristics to the work are abstract.

Small, multiplied prototypes are created through the generous application of varying matter of plastics, fibers, wood, wax, rubbers and resin. The use of multiple materials creates a tactile sense for the viewer without requiring them to physically interact with work. 

​A symbiotic relationship is created between the placement of each individual piece, utilizing light to create shadows, and ultimately producing the installation in its entirety. Inspiration from artists such as Audrey Goldstein, Tara Donavan and Eva Hesse can be seen throughout Wade’s work."